Luxurious breaks on the water

Responsible Visitor Charter

In the Broads we are doing our bit to help the environment. As a visitor there are things you can do too:

Conserve energy – turn off lights and TVs when you don’t need them, don’t run the engines or generator unnecessarily and close the window if you have the heating on;

Give the car a rest – wherever possible use alternative means of transport, like bikes, walking or public transport;

Support local – we have some fantastic restaurants that specialise in using local produce, as well as many farm shops;

Reduce, reuse, recycle – where possible try to reduce and reuse your waste. Where that is not possible please recycle – we can do this for you if you would like;

Be water wise – despite the presence of the Broads, water scarcity is a real issue in the area, so please try to be careful with water;

Respect nature – guard against litter and fire and try not to disturb wildlife;

Don’t pollute the Broads – the sinks and showers on boats drain directly into the Broads, so be careful what you pour into them, and only use eco-friendly cleaning products;

Support ‘green’ businesses – there are a number of Green Tourism Business Scheme businesses in the Broads, and many more throughout the UK, who are doing their bit to help the environment. By choosing to use them you are helping too.