Luxurious breaks on the water

Time to start planning...

If, like us, you are looking at out the window to a dreary, grey day which is threatening rain at any moment it won’t surprise you that many people have embarked on a favourite January past time.

Holiday planning!

Screen savers all over the country are now lit up with images of sunnier climes, and more specifically, Norfolk’s stunning Broads.

We have had a great start to 2014 with many customers already booking their luxury cruiser for the spring and summer.

 It seems the great British public are refusing to let our miserable January weather get them down.

Instead they are dreaming of relaxing in style aboard one of our high end cruisers as the world gently drifts by… Perhaps there is a bottle of something special chilling in the fridge and an array of local produce waiting to be devoured at lunch. Oh wait… if you listen carefully and close your eyes you can hear the herons wings as he swoops along the waters edge…

And there goes the telephone! Back to earth with a bump.

Yes, it’s still raining but the good news is you can book your Broads holiday with us now. Don’t delay call us on 01692 631111 and don’t forget to change your screen saver!