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Environmental Policy

Here at Ferry Marina we care a lot about our environment and the wildlife around us.

As we are in the heart of a beautiful National Park, we are always aware of nature around us and we want to encourage sustainable holidays and make everyone more environmentally aware. Ferry Marina is continually looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Energy Use and Water Consumption

Swimming pools consume vast quantities of energy for heating and filtration. To reduce our energy use we installed a double glazed screen to separated the pool area from the rest of the leisure complex, this has increased the air temperature in the pool area but dramatically reduced the temperature and humidity of the rest of the building and removed our need to use dehumidifiers. By installing the screen we have also removed a lot of the heating costs of the pool, as all the heat is kept in.
Meters have been fitted to all marina electric hookup points, in order to encourage more considerate energy consumption by boat owners.
Volume-reducing (water saving) blocks have been fitted to our toilet cisterns.
All new toilets fitted are the small cistern type with the short flush option.
All showers and basins have push-button tap operation to prevent them from being left running.
All shower & toilet blocks now have motion sensitive lighting, which is activated when customers enter the building and switches off automatically.
The hand dryers in the changing rooms have been replaced with efficient quick dryers - which have a lower energy consumption
An energy saving review has been conducted across the marina and in our holiday cottages, as a result of this we are now in the process of changing our lightbulbs to energy saving versions and changing light fittings to accommodate energy saving bulbs.
As part of our marina policy we discourage the use of hoses for cleaning the boats. For cleaning our own hire fleet we only use buckets and cloths and avoid using chemicals for cleaning.
Land fill, waste & recycling

We have recycling points on site for card, paper, plastics, glass and cans. These are located around the site and we hope to increase the amount of waste recycled and reduce the amount we send to landfill.
All toner & inkjet cartridges are returned for recycling
Dead trees are recycled where possible.
As a marina, we have many customers with chemical toilets or waste holding tanks. We encourage our customers only to use organic additives and will not permit waste containing harmful chemicals (such as formaldehyde-based products) to be disposed of using our facilities; such chemicals could cause damage to our sewage treatment plant and result in harmful levels of pollutants entering the watercourse. We use an environmentally friendly alternative in all our boats.
The waste oil from Harry's Cafe is recycled for use as bio diesel.
Where possible we try to email rather than send printed documents, this is not only near instant but it saves postage miles and paper.
We are currently looking into sourcing more locally produced products to save on the miles travelled.